Little Tokyo: Grocery Store

There are many interesting  things you can find in the grocery stores of Little Tokyo. We went to the store across from the main section called Marukai Market.  

The United Nations

The United Nations. First established after WWII, it's a place where all nations come together to peacefully discuss matters related to peace and prevention of war. 유엔. 제2차 세계 대전 이후로 설립되어 각국 대사들이 모여 평화와 전쟁 방지를 의논 할 수 있는  곳입니다. There's always a huge line of tourists waiting to go inside. Most... Continue Reading →

UrbanSpace Vanderbilt

  Jessica has been talking about this place for months. She said the chicken sandwich was the best she ever had. So of course I had to go and try it out. This is the original chicken sandwich ($8). It doesn't look like much but it was so, so good! The chicken was so soft... Continue Reading →

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