청춘연가 🍲

This is a restaurant that specializes in pork and budae jigae aka army soup (부대찌개). It’s located in Migeum (미금) in Bundang (분당). The price was pretty good and the best part is rice and ramen are free refill!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

8,000 won per person
청춘부대찌개 which translate Youth Army Soup, which is meant to mean that it is a nostalgic taste from our youth.

You can add different sides for extra cost but rice and ramen is free refill!


Very simple side dishes since the soup already has different ingredients.


It wasn’t too salty and wasn’t too spicy. Just right.


엉터리생고기 🥓

All you can eat pork and doenjangjigae (된장찌개) for 11,000 won per person! The quality of meat is not too bad. This restaurant is part of a chain! There are multiple ones throughout Bundang and Seoul. Unfortunately, the one we went to, I think, is gone.


All you can eat 3cm thick pork cuts, bean sprout and kimchi, and soup!


Basically saying not to put the heat to the highest since the pork can burn.


Main menu is the all you can eat pork and soup for 11,000 won. You can order rice for an extra 1,000 won. If everyone in the table orders rice, then it’s free refill as well!

The side menu says theres also raw meat (육회), cold buckwheat noodles (냉면), steamed eggs (계란찜). They also have soju and beer for 4,000 won. If you want a translation of the menu, message us!

It also says that if 4 people come in as one table, they will give you free 1.25L Coke.


Translation (Summary):

How to Enjoy to the 100%

– Basically says that the first serving is given but the customers have to get the refills for themselves.

– When paying, you have to remember the table number.

– Do not raise the heat level to 3, the highest, because the pork will burn and set off the alarms.

– Only pork should be on the grill. For kimchi and bean sprouts, use container provided to cook.

– To prevent wasted food, only take little by little.

– Drinks and side menu should be ordered through the staff but water and such is prepared for self service.


The basic setup that is provided when you enter the restaurant. Refills are self service.


The different pork meats!


Beansprouts and kimchi is to be cooked in this container and not directly on the grill.


Doenjang Jigae that is to be cooked over the grill.


I didn’t get to take pictures of the self-service bar but it’s well organized so you can take what you need.

Clubespresso ☕


A quaint little cafe that has coffee from different places around the world. There was quite a bit of people when we went. The first floor has a display of their coffee and the second floor has seating. The best part is that you can taste the coffee of the day before ordering! The coffee was okay, nothing too special but it was interesting to see the different types of beans.


Single Origin Hot (3,000won)


The entrance with display of coffee beans. You can see the roasting machine and such behind it.


You can taste the coffee of the day prior to ordering! Many people didn’t realize this before ordering.


More display of coffee. The prices of the beans here weren’t cheap, probably because of the import costs.


Translation: The joy of coffee and the new experience. We introduce the original coffee from each nation and region. We hope you can newly experience the difference in taste of coffee from each nation, town, and culture. Single origin coffee, the pride of Club Espresso


Reminder that Korea has a recycling system where you dump liquids in a different place before separating the trash into plastic, paper, and general waste.


Fika (Coex) 🇸🇪☕

Fika is often translated as “a coffee and cake break”, which is kind of correct, but really it is much more than that.

Fika is a concept, a state of mind, an attitude and an important part of Swedish culture. Many Swedes consider that it is almost essential to make time for fika every day. It means making time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee (or tea) and a little something to eat.

Origin of the name The word fika actually derives from the 19th-century slang word for coffee: kaffi. Invert the word kaffi, and you get fika.

It was pretty empty for some reason on this day
“Working” with friends over coffee
베리&베리 팬케이크 (Berry&Berry Pancake)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It wasn’t too sweet! Pairs nicely with coffee.
너무 달지도 않고 커피랑 같이 먹으면 딱이에요!

Taken from the menu on the main website
Translation: It is a Swedish pancake topped with whipped cream and berries on top of a light and moist pancake.


연탄삼겹고추장구이 (Pork Belly on Briquette)

너무 맛있어요!
Who doesn’t love bacon
This is basically bacon with red pepper paste seasoning

가격은 조금 비싼거 같아요
1인분이 3개 나와요
I thought that the prices were a bit on the expensive side
One serving contains 3 pieces of meat

밖에서 먹는 느낌이였어요
It felt like we were eating outside

This is the briquette used

주문을 하면  앞 쪽에서 불로 한번 구워줘요
불 맛이나요!
When you order, they actually cook it over fire first
This way the meat has the fire taste

테이블에서 조금만 더 익으면 먹어도 되요~
Just cook it a little more at the table and you can eat it!

원래 여기 김치국이 맛있다고 들었어요
우리가 4시즘에 가서 아직 김치국은 준비가 안 되어있어서 못 먹어 봤어요 ㅠ
I heard that the Kimchi Soup here is really good
But because we arrived at 4PM it was still cooking in the back


여수의 남해생선구이


여기는 바로 아름다운 여수에 있는 남해 생선구이 입니다!

This is called Southern Sea Baked Fish (translated) located in the beautiful city of Yeosu



가격도 저렴해요~
우리는 갈치조림 2인분이랑 고등어 구이 1인분 시켰어요 。 ◕‿◕。
I love the prices here~
We order two servings of boiled hairtail and one serving of grilled mackerel
(You have to order at least two serving of hairtail)


갈치 말려서 양념한거에요~
This is dried hairtail with seasoning. It’s sweet and perfect with rice.

IMG_0933간.장.게.장은 사랑입니다 ❤
반찬으로 나오는데 하나도 안 짜고 너무 맛있었어요
This is crab that is fermented with soy sauce. It is so good! Not to sweet nor salty.

된장국이 나와요 {。^◕‿◕^。}
You get soy bean soup too!

고등어 구이
Grilled Mackerel

무가 너무 맛있어요! 원래 여수 쪽 무가 맛있다고 들었어요
맵지 않고 짜지 않고 양념이 잘 되어있었어요
제일 중요한건! 비린내가 하나도 안났어요

Boiled Hairtail
The radish was so good!
I heard that the radish that grows in Yeosu is one of the best in Korea
It wasn’t too spicy nor salty. The seasoning was just right
Most importantly, the fish didn’t smell
(you know that fishy smell you get when the fish is defrosted improperly)



SRT Experience

IMG_6015대구로 가는 SRT를 타봤습니다
수서역에서 동대구역까지 1시간35분 걸렸어요!
엄청 빠르죠 ✌
I took the SRT from Suseo to Daegu
It only took 1hr 35min!

IMG_5961수서역에서 SRT표시를 따라가면 되요~
Just follow the signs for SRT from the Suseo subway station

전 기다리기 싫어서 출발 10분전에 도착했어요
수서가 첫 정거장이라 일찍 탑승하여 기다려도 되요~
Waiting room
I didn’t want to wait so I arrive 10 min before departure
Suseo is the first stop so you can board the SRT and wait (which is what I did)


IMG_6017전 SRT가 새로된 기차라고 들어서 안에 뭐가 많을 줄 알았어요
하지만. 다른 기차와 다름 없어 보였어요
I thought that since the SRT is new that it would be decked in technology and such
However, to my dismay, the interior looked like any other train

IMG_6016수서역에서 출발하는 SRT는 일반실은 자리가 많지만 특실은 만석일 경우가 많다고 들었어요
특실은 일반실보다 20,000원 더 비싸요
전 20,000원 내고 편하게 가는게 더 좋은거 같아요~
The SRT that departs from Suseo always has regular seating but the special seating is almost always full.
The special seating is just 20,000won more (~$18.80)
I think it’s worth it to pay just a little more and travel in comfort

IMG_5991짐 올릴수 있는 공간도 있어요
There’s a place above your seat for you to put your luggage

IMG_6013출발 하고 몇분 뒤에 이 파우치랑 물 받았어요
파우치 안에는 쿠키, 넛, 물티슈!
After departing, a staff came around and handed this tiny pouch along with a bottle of water. The pouch contained some nuts, a cookie, and a wet tissue!



여수 소호회관 (굴)

이번에는 맛있는 !
need I say more?

IMG_0807굴구이 모듬세트로 주문했어요
혹시나 탈날까봐 생굴은 굴전으로 바꿔 달라고 했어요
We ordered the set that comes with steamed oysters, oyster pancakes, and raw oysters.
But we asked for the raw oysters to be substituted with the pancakes JUST IN CASE since its not the season for oysters yet


IMG_0791자! 필요한 도구 집합
먼저 비닞 장갑 그리고 면장갑을 그 위에
칼 같이 보이는 도구는 굴을 깔때 사용해요~

The necessary tools!
First you put on the plastic glove and then the other gloves on top.
The knife is for shucking the oysters

img_0787.jpg굴 익어가는 중 ❤♫ ♬
Oysters are being steamed

IMG_0794술은 필수!
Alcohol is a must have

IMG_0800입이 쩍! 침이 줄줄…(◕^^◕)
굴구이(사실 찜 같아요)은 처음 먹어봐요
전 생굴이 제일 맛있다고 생각했어요
원지 익히면 맛이 없고 뻑뻑해질거 같았는데
굴이 탱글탱글해요
초고추장에 콕! 찍어 먹으면 너.무.맛.있.어.요.
아직도 그 맛을…

I thought oysters are best served raw but I was so wrong.
These steamed oysters were juicy and soft. It literally melted in my mouth.
I still can’t get over the taste. It was so, so good.

IMG_0816후시으로 죽 멋었어요!
굴만 먹으면 배고프지 않을까 생각했는데 굴이 엄청 커서 배가 금방 불렀어요
너무 배불러서 죽을 다 못 멋었어요 ㅠ

Nothing like porridge to finish everything off.
At first I was doubtful that oysters could be enough to make me full.
But I was wrong. Again.
The oysters were so big and juicy that we all got full off of it.
We couldn’t finish the poor porridge.

MoMo Cafe (모모카페)



오늘은 판교에 있는 모모카페!
판교 코트야드 메리어트에 있는 뷔페입니다~
자주 가는 곳이에요~
크리스마스는 너무 바쁠거 같아서 그 다음 날에 갔어요!
6시 예약이어서 시간 마춰 가니까 사람이 없었어요.
음식도 금방 나와서 보기도 좋고 맛도 좋았어요!

Today is MoMo Cafe in Marriott! Got to love buffets.
This is a place that we visit often for breakfast and occasionally for dinner.
Since it would be packed on Christmas, we decided to go the day after!
The reservation was for 6PM, which is the time that I recommend!
They just opened so there were no guests and the food was fresh and untouched!

IMG_1624뷔페는 작지도 않고 너무 크지도 않아요! 딱 적당한거 같아요.
저녁으로 시푸드과 고기가 나와요!
크리스마스 행사로 와인 한병이랑 스파크링 뭐터 하나 받았어요~
(대신 가격도 조금 올렸어요)

<평소 가격>
조식: 31,000원
시푸드 저녁: 75,000원

It’s a decent size buffet, not too small nor big.
The menu at night is seafood and meat.
I guess it can be considered as “surf and turf” night.
As a Christmas event, they were giving out a bottle of wine and sparkling water.
(Of course the price was that much higher as well)

<Typical Prices>
Breakfast: 31,000 Won (~$29.14)
Seafood Dinner: 75,000 Won (~$70.50)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

여기 사진으로 없지만 국수, 샐러드, 커피, 밥/반찬, 수프, 스테이션도 있어요~
Though you can’t tell from these pictures, they also have a station for noodles (make your own pho or Japanese ramen), salad, coffee, rice/side dishes, and soup.

The setting!

IMG_0571전복을 버터 요리로 해달라고 부탁하니까 이렇게 줬어요~~
서비스도 좋고 모두 친철해요! ღ
I asked for the abalone to be cooked in butter and they did!
They have good service here and everyone is so nice! ღ

후식은 slideshow가 아닌 사진 하나 하나를 감상 할 수 있게~
Dessert deserves individual pictures to be shown! 。◕‿ ◕。



IMG_1642원래 밀크 초코렛 분수인데 오늘은 딸기 초토렛이였어요~
Usually they have a milk chocolate fountain but they had strawberry colored chocolate!


채선당 PLUS (Chaesundang PLUS)


채선당PLUS는샤브샤브와 불고기 등의 메인 메뉴와 풀사이즈 샐러드바를 무제한 이용할 수 있는 웰빙 샤브샤브 & 샐러드바 전문점입니다.

명품 샤브샤브를 포함한 2~3가지 메인 메뉴와 월남쌈, 20가지가 넘는 풀사이즈 샐러드바를 제공하여 고객에게 한 차원 높은 만족감을 제공합니다. 특히 치킨, 탕수육, 잡채, 떡볶이, 피자, 스파게티 등 뜨거운 음식들을 오픈 키친에서 즉석으로 조리해 제공하고, 베이커리와 과일 등으로 구성된 수준 높은 에피타이저&디저트는 채선당 PLUS의 강력한 경쟁력입니다.

Chaesundan Plus is a shabushabu and salad bar buffet. There are 2~3 main dishes other than shabushabu and over 20 different dishes in the salad bar. There are hot foods such as pizza and pasta, fruits, a bakery, and a dessert section.


메뉴에서 세트를 주문해요! 우리는 한우샤브로 주문했어요. 주문 하시고 육수 고르신 다음에 샐러드바 쪽으로 가시면 되요~
You first order a set from the menu. We ordered the 한우샤브 which is Korean Beef Shabu. After ordering your set, you can help yourself to the salad bar.

IMG_0062샐러드바는 이렇게 생겼습니다
Overview of the salad bar. The dishes in front are side dishes you can enjoy with your meal.

IMG_0064다양한 반찬!
This is the cold dishes at the salad bar

IMG_0073샤브샤브에는 야체가 필수!
월남쌈도 만들어 드실수있게 되어있습니다.
Fresh vegetables for your hot pot.
You can also make your own Vietnamese wrap (월남쌈).

IMG_0076이 쪽은 음료! 커피, 차, 탄산이 있습니다. 왠쪽에는 후식으로 아이스크림이있어요~
Coffee, beverage, and ice cream area

IMG_0078과일과 모찌!
Fruits and mochi

IMG_0068왼쪽에는 볶음밥이나 피자가 있어요. 오른쪽에는 직접 비빔밥 만들 수 있어요~
The hot dishes are on the left and on the right is a section to make your own bibimbap.

IMG_0069음식 ❤
Close up of the hot food.

IMG_0066비빔밥 옆도 음식!
More cold dishes from the salad bar. These are more like side dishes.

IMG_0056냄비는 하나로~ 육수는 매운 맛도 있었어요~
You get one pot and can choose between spicy or regular broth.

수원 통닭거리 (Suwon Fried Chicken)

There is a small alley in Suwon (수원) that is famous for its fried chicken (통닭).



There were many places to choose from but we decided to go to 장안통닭. Apparently the store has been on numerous TV shows. While we were there, the owner received a call that a filming crew was going to come to film for a show.


There is an open window so that the store is adequately aerated (and the smell of fried chicken tempts many to enter). They use fresh chicken and it’s always made to order.


Showing what was broadcasted.


The prices are good. We ordered half fried and half seasoned.


A tip I learned!
Use two forks.
One to hold on to the chicken and the other to “rip” and eat.
This way your hands stay clean.

But I think the best way to eat chicken is to just go at it with your fingers 😀


They give you pickled radish and flour puffs to snack on while you wait.
Flour puff = typical snack while drinking


This is 닭똥집or chicken gizzards over garlic that they give you.


Finally the chicken! I was so good. There was a hint of cinnamon in the seasoned one. It was very sweet and sticky. The fried chicken was very crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.