This blog is about three sisters and their lives in different areas. Although we live apart, this blog brings us together (sort of).

We hope to share the experiences that we have with friends, family, and with anyone who finds it interesting.

We try to update every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday!

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Lydia (Ah)



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청춘연가 🍲

This is a restaurant that specializes in pork and budae jigae aka army soup (부대찌개). It’s located in Migeum (미금) in Bundang (분당). The price was pretty good and the best part is rice and ramen are free refill! 8,000 won per person청춘부대찌개 which translate Youth Army Soup, which is meant to mean that it … Read More

엉터리생고기 🥓

All you can eat pork and doenjangjigae (된장찌개) for 11,000 won per person! The quality of meat is not too bad. This restaurant is part of a chain! There are multiple ones throughout Bundang and Seoul. Unfortunately, the one we went to, I think, is gone. All you can eat 3cm thick pork cuts, bean … Read More


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Stella (Seul)



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Mille-feuille (밀푀유나베)

원래 저희는 맛집 예쁘고 신기한 곳들 공유하는 블로그이지만 오늘은 제 자랑 좀 하겠습니다. Although this blog is mainly used to share restaurants and interesting places, I would like to take this time to show off my skills. 위에 사진은 밀푀유나베라는 요리입니다. 만들기 진짜 간단하며 먹는 사람도 요리하는 사람도 모두 뿌듯해지는 요리인거같아요. The picture above is … Read More

Jessica (Hae)



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Old Town San Diego State Historical Park

Back in 2018, ‘Seul’ and ‘I'(Hae) visited San Diego, CA. We stopped by Old Town San Diego, Little Italy San Diego, and the Seaport Village. This post is of Old Town SD only. 2018년도에 ‘슬’과 ‘혜’는 캘리포니아주에 남부의 위치한 샌디에고 혹은 샌디에이고라 불리는 도시를 방문했습니다~ 방문하면서 올드타운 샌디에고와 리틀이태리와 씨포트 빌리지를 구경했는데요. 이번 포스트는 올드타운에서 … Read More