Kacie from Star Super

도곡동에 있는 스타슈퍼에 import 과자랑 많이 팔아요!
이 날 전 일본 캔디를 샀어요!
하나당 3,500 – 6,000원!
만드는 재미가 있어서 유투브에서도 많이 하는거 봤어요~

The Star Super in Dogok has a lot of import goods
I bought these Japanese candy
Each is from 3,500-6,000 or around $3.50-6









만드는 과정 곧 올릴게요~
Stay tuned for pictures of us making it!


Pie Hole 🍰


파이를 너무 좋아하는데 마침 아메리카나에서 파이 파는 곳이 있었어요!
I love PIE! So imagine my excitement when I saw this in Americana Way



According to their website, they have locations in Arts District, Hollywood, Pasadena, Glendale, Long Beach, Orange County, Venice, Rancho Cucamonga, and Durham. So basically most of the big cities around here.

They even opened in Tokyo!, Ginza, and Harajuku!

엘에이 근체에 많이 있어요~
일본 도쿄에도 열었더고 하네요!





Mom’s Apple Crumble(애플 파이): $6.75
Earl Grey Tea(얼 그레이): $7
Total: $13.75

Not Pictured
Hot Chocolate (L): $4.75


🍰 The Lovelies 🍰


Earl Grey Tea(얼 그레이): $7




Mom’s Apple Crumble(애플 파이): $6.75

조개창고 (무한리필) All You Can Eat

All you can eat

잠실새내역 4번 출구
한 10분 걸어야되요~
조개창고 신천점이에요
The building is located in Jamsilsaenae Station, Exit 4
You have to walk around 10 minutes

3층으로 올라가시면 되요
It’s located on the 3rd floor of this building

1인 27,500원이에요
음료랑 주류만 나가실 때 따로 내요~
It’s 27,500won per person
You pay for your drinks as you leave
Everything else is included in the price

#7 직접 정리하시면 빙수 나와요!
If you clean up they give you free shaved ice

다 셀프서비스이에요~
그래서 좋은 가격으로 드실 수 있는거 같아요~
Self service~
This is probably why the price is so affordable

다양한 술도 있어요
They have many different types of drinks

다양한 조개가 있어서 처음에는 뭘 먹어야 될지 몰랐어요~
There is a tank full of different clams
We didn’t know which one to eat

조개구이는 맥주가 딱이죠~
You need to have beer with this

They’re so fresh

조개 외에 고기, 꼬치, 라면 있습니다
Other than clams, they have pork, skewers, and ramyeon!

Saigon Noodle House

IMG_3716어렸을 때 가던 곳이에요
I call this place

IMG_3717제 베트남 친구들이 자주 가는 곳이에요
음식 맛있어요!
한국 쌀국수와 달라요
육수도 깔끔하고 깊은 맛이에요 ❤。◕‿ ◕。
This is a place where my Vietnamese friends go to
The food is really good
It is unlike Korean pho

IMG_3722쌈은 처음 먹어 봐요!
새우 스프링 롤
Even after visiting so many times, this was the first time we tried their spring rolls
This is shrimp spring rolls

고수는 필수이죠! ☘️
You have to add cilantro

IMG_3725스테이크 볶음밥
Diced Beef Steak Friend Rice!

세명이 먹었는데 충분했어요!
This was enough for three people
$15.70 + Tip


Creperie Le Terrace


IMG_3579카페! ☕
밖은 그렇게 보여도 안에는 이뻐요~
사진은 들어가면서 보이는 것들! 나오면서 보이는 것들!로 정리했어요
Don’t mind the outside. The inside is so pretty
The pictures are ordered so you can see what the cafe looks like walking in and out

IMG_3553입구에서 찍은 사진이에요!
처음 카페를 들어간 순간 뭔가 많이 복잡하고 정신 없어 보였어요
This is the view coming in from the front door.
Initially, I was overwhelmed by the different styles.
It almost looked stuffy and chaotic at first glance.

IMG_3554하지만 들어 갈 수록 테마가 있는게 보였어요~
I was able to see that the cafe had different sections for different preferences

IMG_3568카페 가운데 큰 테이블이 있어요
그룹으로 오시는 분들 한테 딱!
There is a huge table in the middle of the cafe.
It’s perfect for those who come in groups and want to sit together

IMG_3569좀 조용한 곳을 선호 하시면 문이 있는 섹션도 있어요
For those who want a bit of privacy, there are sections with doors

카페가 아닌 방에 앉아 있는 기분이였어요
It was very cozy.
It felt like it was someone’s room rather than a cafe


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메뉴도 다양했어요~
음식도 있었어요
주문은 뒤 쪽으로 가셔서 하셔야되요 (계산은 선불)
They had so many items on the menu
You have to go to the back to order (pay upfront)

IMG_3573전 밀크 티 주무했어요
하지만 맛은…
I ordered a simple milk tea
But the taste…

좀 넓은 케이블로 갔어요
여기도 문이 있었어요
We moved to a bigger table
This section also had a door

여기에서 잠깐!

일을 잠깐 할까 해서 컴퓨터를 들고 왔었어요
한 30분이 지났는데

주인 아주머니께서  알바생을 시켜서 여기는 공부 할 수 있는 카페가 아니라고… 일 하면 안 된다고…일을 하면 다른 손님들도 그럴까봐 그냥 음료수만 마시고 가셔야된다는 말을 들었어요…
하지만 알바생 너무 불쌍했어요 ㅠ 우리 한테 얘기하면서 너무 미안해하는게 보였어요
우리는 그냥 “네 알겠습니다”하고 나왔어요


이 날 이 큰 카페 안에 저랑 동생만 있었어요
가게가 비어있었는데 나가야된다고 해서 기분이 좀 그랬어요 ☹
여기는 그냥 와서 잠깐 뭐 먹고 커피 마시고 가시는 분에게 추춘해요

아무튼 투어는 계속 해드릴께요

I brought my computer here in hopes of getting a few things done.
It was around 30 minutes later

The owner sent a part-timer to tell us that this is not a cafe where we can sit and work
They didn’t want the other guests to come and view the cafe as a place to site for long periods of time… and that we have to leave if we finished our drink
I felt so bad for the part-timer. She was really sweet and I can see it was hard for her to tell us this.
I understand her
We just said thanks and left


It was only me and my sister is this big cafe.
We were a bit upset to here that we had to leave when the cafe was empty
I recommend this place to people who just wants to grab a quick bite and leave

Anyways, I’ll continue on with the tour.

IMG_3556주문하는 곳
Where you can order

Towards the back of the cafe


뒷쪽 화장실 가는 길
The way to the bathroom that is located towards the back


화장실도 찍었어요!
화장실 중요해요! 😅
Yes. I took pictures of the bathroom
It’s important!



다시 카페 앞 쪽으로
Back to towards the front of the cafe

아까 문!
The front door from before!

IMG_3564뒤에서 앞을 보면
Looking towards the front of the cafe

안녕 👋
기분이 안 좋아서 아쉽네요
다음에는 좋은 기억 남길 수 있기를!
It’s unfortunate that we had to leave unhappy
But maybe we can make better memories here next time?


Mille-feuille (밀푀유나베)


원래 저희는 맛집 예쁘고 신기한 곳들 공유하는 블로그이지만 오늘은 제 자랑 좀 하겠습니다.
Although this blog is mainly used to share restaurants and interesting places, I would like to take this time to show off my skills.

위에 사진은 밀푀유나베라는 요리입니다. 만들기 진짜 간단하며 먹는 사람도 요리하는 사람도 모두 뿌듯해지는 요리인거같아요.
The picture above is called mille-feuille. It is really easy to make and is a dish that brings joy to both the cook and the audience.

밀푀유 (mille feuille)-천 개의 잎사귀라는 뜻이며 나베는 일본으로 냄비라는 뜻입니다.  보기에는 손이 많이 갈거같지만 전혀 아니에요. 한번 만들어서 가족 또는 친구들이랑 함께 먹어봐요~ 재료는 네이버나 다른 블로그에 찾아보면 다 나와요. 귀찮아서 안 쓰는거 아니에요. 절대.
Mille-feuille means a thousand leaves and Nabe means pot in Japanese. It looks complicated to make but it actually isn’t. You should make it and share with family and friends! You can look for the ingredients in other blogs (it’s not because I am lazy…maybe).



사진으로 보는 비쥬얼은 진짜 별로지만 맛은 진짜 좋습니다. 장담합니다. 진짜로요.  비쥬얼로 봤을때는 모르겠지만 제육볶음입니다.  보글보글 영상도 있지만 올릴려면 돈을 더 내야되서 생략하겠습니다.
Visual-wise, it doesn’t look appetizing but it was really good. Trust me. Really. You can’t really see what dish this is but it is Stir Fried Pork. I have a video of it but because I have to pay more for that, I will leave it out.

원래 요리는 비쥬얼 보단 맛이에요.
A dish should be appreciated for its taste rather than visuals, right?

Lolli and Pops

Who can say no to sweets?

Lolli and Pops is a candy store that can also be found in other elsewhere in the States. This particular store was in Americana Way in California.

We loved the overall theme of the store.
There was a different theme for different sections.
Best of all, you can try candy from different countries.
They even have Harry Potter goodies!

IMG_4162IMG_4167 (1)IMG_4169 (1)IMG_4170 (1)IMG_4171 (1)IMG_4172 (1)IMG_4173 (1)IMG_4174 (1)IMG_4175 (1)IMG_4176 (1)IMG_4177 (1)IMG_4179 (1)IMG_4182 (1)IMG_4183 (1)IMG_4189 (1)IMG_4190 (1)IMG_4192IMG_4194 (1)IMG_4195 (1)IMG_4196 (1)




Urth Caffé

After several years learning how to roast and brew great coffee, they launched the nation’s first exclusively organic, heirloom coffee company. They named it “Urth Caffé” because Urth is an old Welsh root spelling of Earth and Caffé is Italian for coffee. They wanted a name that embodied the natural richness of the earth and delicious organic, heirloom coffee. They were also importing and hand blending fine organic teas, so “Exclusively Organic Coffees & Fine Teas” was added to Urth Caffé’s logo. Shallom and Jilla were indeed pioneers of the “organic food revolution.” –Urth Caffe

This Urth Caffé was situated in the Arts District of Downtown LA. As a farm to table cafe that is popular for brunch, the ingredients used were very fresh and the portions were generous. We very shocked at how bright and big the tomatoes were. We went around 10 AM and already there was a long line of people waiting to get in.


Go around the corner and you will see the entrance.


There is a wall full of different teas one can enjoy.


The desserts looked so good.


Urth Caffe is known for its coffee!


Caprese Sandwich ($12.75)
Smoked Salmon Plate ($13.95)
Soup de Jour ($5.95)
Moroccan Tea Latte ($4.50) Medium


The Smoked Salmon Plate comes with a bagel. It was soooooo good and most importantly, FRESH!


The Moroccan Tea Latte paired nicely with the whole meal. It was light and refreshing so we saved it to drink at the end!


Little Tokyo: Grocery Store

There are many interesting  things you can find in the grocery stores of Little Tokyo. We went to the store across from the main section called Marukai Market.


Outside view of the store




You see people on YouTube try these





There are a lot of bentos




For different Japanese cooking







Picks for food


Dried goodness




All the Pockys!



Section dedicated to matcha


Packs sold near checkout


Racoon pjs


Stitch pjs


Famous hallway near grocery store



Cafe Dulce

리틀 도쿄에 있는 어느 카페
A cafe located in Little Tokyo

menu2.jpg여기 커피 맛있다고 들었어요
특이 베트남 커피
I heard that the coffee here is really good
ESPECIALLY the Vietnamese Coffee

donuts도너츠랑 커피 ❤
환상의 궁합이죠~
Coffee and donuts
Inseparable couple

신기한 도너츠가 많았어요
베이컨 도너츠?
There were a lot of interesting donuts
Bacon donuts?

drink더워서 시원한 베트남 커피
Nothing like a cool Vietnamese coffee on a hot weather

제가 듣기로는
주인이 그림은 직접 그렸데요
그림 속에 주인도 있다고 들었어요
I heard that the owner drew the cartoon
and that one of the drawing is him!





innoutfrontIf you visit California, you must try In-N-Out. You can only get this on the west coast.

menuThe prices are affordable! Although the menu seems simple, they have everything one would want at a burger joint.

foodThere are different “hidden menu” items you can get. But we decided to just get the regular cheeseburgers with grilled onions and fries.

In-N-Out has this signature “spread” that’s really good, which is basically Thousand Island dressing.

I suggest trying the Animal Style fries! It’s fries with the spread, cheese, and grilled onions.

If you’re going for the shake, ask for the Neapolitan. It’s a mixture of the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla shakes in one.


pepperIt is not on the menu, but you can always ask for whole or sliced chili peppers.

If you look under the cups, they have Bible verses! Here it says John 3:16 and Proverbs 3:5.

The Last Bookstore


This reminded me of a Harry Potter scene with the flying books (not sure if a scene like this existed but it still seems like a Harry Potter themed work).


The famous part of the bookstore many people take pictures of with their loved ones. I took a picture of my current relationship status. IMG_7522

Fascinating ramp/ tunnel of books. I wonder how long it took them to glue everything together.


San Diego 4/10/2017

A couple months ago I visited San Diego with my friends. It was a 3 hour drive and it was worth it! Unfortunately, this trip wasn’t planned in advance so I couldn’t take a lot of photos because my phone ran out of storage.

몇달전에 친구들이랑 3시간을 걸쳐서 샌디에고 가게 되었습니다.  아쉽게도 미리 계획하고 간 게 아니라서 핸드폰 용량이 적어서 다 담지 못했습니다.

1. United Nations Association-San Diego


We were trying to go to the garden next to this place but the flags caught our attention. There were little houses that represented countries from all over the world. We actually saw some people in the houses (I think they lived there)! I tried looking for Korea but there wasn’t a house dedicated to South Korea. It was awesome because the houses were built and designed according to each country’s culture.

원래는 옆 공원으로 갈 예정이였지만 각종 국기들에 사로 잡혀 이쪽으로 와 봤습니다. 그렇게해서 발견한 이곳!!! 바로 유엔에서 지은건데 여러 나라들을 대표하는 집들이 지어져있었어요. 자세히 보니깐 집 안에 사람들이 살고있는거 같더라고요 (확실친 않습니다). 도착하자마자 태국기 찾아봤지만 아쉽게도 대한민국은 없었어요. 각 집마다 그 나라와 문화에 맞게 지어져있어요. 여기 와서 세계 평화의 느낌은 이런건가 라는 생각도 들었어요 ^^

2. Old Town San Diego 


Old town San Diego is truly a neighborhood that represents and captures the historic time from 1821—1872. It was beautiful. The flowers and the layout of this area were eye-catching. There were so many things I couldn’t photograph such as the old mailroom, the Well Fargo museum, the Cosmopolitan Hotel, and the market because of the limited storage on my phone. I did, however, capture “Old Town Jerky and Root Beer”. Like the store name, they have all sorts of jerky and root beer.

샌디에고에서 제일 아름다운 곳이였던거같아요. 미국의 옛 모습을 그대로 간직하고있더라고요. 저는 개인적으로 1800년대에 살고싶은 사람으로서 1821—1872사이에 모습을 담긴 이 동네가 너무 좋았어요. 아쉽게도 사진에 담지 못 한 곳들이 정말 많았아요  핸드폰의 용량때문에 ^^.. 그래도 육포랑 루트 비어에 환장하는 저로써 이건 “어머 이건 꼭 찍어야되”라는 의무감으로 찍었습니다. 사진으로 못 담은게 넘 아쉬워요 ㅠㅠ 다음에 가족이랑 가서 가족 사진 찍고싶은 곳 중 하나이에요.

1. United Nations Association-San Diego

2. Old Town San Diego