청춘연가 🍲

This is a restaurant that specializes in pork and budae jigae aka army soup (부대찌개). It's located in Migeum (미금) in Bundang (분당). The price was pretty good and the best part is rice and ramen are free refill! ★★★★★ 8,000 won per person청춘부대찌개 which translate Youth Army Soup, which is meant to mean that... Continue Reading →

엉터리생고기 🥓

All you can eat pork and doenjangjigae (된장찌개) for 11,000 won per person! The quality of meat is not too bad. This restaurant is part of a chain! There are multiple ones throughout Bundang and Seoul. Unfortunately, the one we went to, I think, is gone. All you can eat 3cm thick pork cuts, bean... Continue Reading →

Slurp 🍜

The best time to visit Slurp is on a cold, rainy day. It is a small restaurant with a few tables. There was a line when we went. Probably because it was chilly outside and everyone wanted something warm! After you're done eating, you take your tray to the drop-off before leaving. The bun was... Continue Reading →

Rosehill 로즈힐

현대백화점 무역센터점 10층 식당가에 있어요. 우리는 한우 샤브샤브 (1인분 ₩34,000) 먹었어요. 2시즘에 갔는데 이미 점심 먹으러 온 사람들은 다 빠져나가서 조용했어요. Rosehill is located on the 10th floor of Hyundai Department Store (COEX) We had the Korean Beef Shabu, which runs around $34 per person. We went around 2PM, which was great because everyone who came... Continue Reading →


평양! 북한식 냉면 먹었어요! We got North Korean style Cold Noodles 갈끔하고 조용했어요 It's very clean inside. When we went, the restaurant was empty. 음식점 곳곳에 메밀의 효과와 음식점의 역사를 볼 수 있어요 There were signs all around the store describing the benefits of buckwheat (which is what the noodles are made of), as well... Continue Reading →

조개창고 (무한리필) All You Can Eat

무한리필!!!😋 All you can eat 잠실새내역 4번 출구 한 10분 걸어야되요~ 조개창고 신천점이에요 The building is located in Jamsilsaenae Station, Exit 4 You have to walk around 10 minutes 3층으로 올라가시면 되요 It's located on the 3rd floor of this building 1인 27,500원이에요 음료랑 주류만 나가실 때 따로 내요~ It's 27,500won per person You pay... Continue Reading →

Père et Fils

도곡동에 있는 김영모 과자점 건너편에 있는 카페입니다! This is a cafe that is located across from Kim Yungmo Bakery in Dogok 음료 TAKE OUT 500원 할인 김영모과자점 당일 구매 영수증 지침시 커피음료 20% 할인 ₩500 off if you take your drink to go If you purchase from Kim Yungmo Bakery the day of, show them... Continue Reading →

Saigon Noodle House

어렸을 때 가던 곳이에요 맛집! I call this place "Childhood" 제 베트남 친구들이 자주 가는 곳이에요 음식 맛있어요! 한국 쌀국수와 달라요 육수도 깔끔하고 깊은 맛이에요 ❤。◕‿ ◕。 This is a place where my Vietnamese friends go to The food is really good It is unlike Korean pho 쌈은 처음 먹어 봐요! 새우 스프링 롤 Even after visiting... Continue Reading →

여수의 남해생선구이

맛있겠죠! 여기는 바로 아름다운 여수에 있는 남해 생선구이 입니다! This is called Southern Sea Baked Fish (translated) located in the beautiful city of Yeosu 가격도 저렴해요~ 우리는 갈치조림 2인분이랑 고등어 구이 1인분 시켰어요 。 ◕‿◕。 I love the prices here~ We order two servings of boiled hairtail and one serving of grilled mackerel (You have to order... Continue Reading →

여수 소호회관 (굴)

이번에는 맛있는 굴! OYSTERS  need I say more? 굴구이 모듬세트로 주문했어요 혹시나 탈날까봐 생굴은 굴전으로 바꿔 달라고 했어요 We ordered the set that comes with steamed oysters, oyster pancakes, and raw oysters. But we asked for the raw oysters to be substituted with the pancakes JUST IN CASE since its not the season for oysters... Continue Reading →

MoMo Cafe (모모카페)

  오늘은 판교에 있는 모모카페! 판교 코트야드 메리어트에 있는 뷔페입니다~ 자주 가는 곳이에요~ 크리스마스는 너무 바쁠거 같아서 그 다음 날에 갔어요! 6시 예약이어서 시간 마춰 가니까 사람이 없었어요. 음식도 금방 나와서 보기도 좋고 맛도 좋았어요! (◕^^◕) Today is MoMo Cafe in Marriott! Got to love buffets. This is a place that we visit often for... Continue Reading →

채선당 PLUS (Chaesundang PLUS)

채선당PLUS는샤브샤브와 불고기 등의 메인 메뉴와 풀사이즈 샐러드바를 무제한 이용할 수 있는 웰빙 샤브샤브 & 샐러드바 전문점입니다. 명품 샤브샤브를 포함한 2~3가지 메인 메뉴와 월남쌈, 20가지가 넘는 풀사이즈 샐러드바를 제공하여 고객에게 한 차원 높은 만족감을 제공합니다. 특히 치킨, 탕수육, 잡채, 떡볶이, 피자, 스파게티 등 뜨거운 음식들을 오픈 키친에서 즉석으로 조리해 제공하고, 베이커리와 과일 등으로 구성된 수준 높은 에피타이저&디저트는... Continue Reading →

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