Mille-feuille (밀푀유나베)

원래 저희는 맛집 예쁘고 신기한 곳들 공유하는 블로그이지만 오늘은 제 자랑 좀 하겠습니다. Although this blog is mainly used to share restaurants and interesting places, I would like to take this time to show off my skills. 위에 사진은 밀푀유나베라는 요리입니다. 만들기 진짜 간단하며 먹는 사람도 요리하는 사람도 모두 뿌듯해지는 요리인거같아요. The picture above is... Continue Reading →

Cafe Dulce

리틀 도쿄에 있는 어느 카페 A cafe located in Little Tokyo 여기 커피 맛있다고 들었어요 특이 베트남 커피 I heard that the coffee here is really good ESPECIALLY the Vietnamese Coffee 도너츠랑 커피 ❤ 환상의 궁합이죠~ Coffee and donuts Inseparable couple 신기한 도너츠가 많았어요 베이컨 도너츠? There were a lot of interesting donuts Bacon donuts? 더워서... Continue Reading →


If you visit California, you must try In-N-Out. You can only get this on the west coast. The prices are affordable! Although the menu seems simple, they have everything one would want at a burger joint. There are different "hidden menu" items you can get. But we decided to just get the regular cheeseburgers with... Continue Reading →

The Last Bookstore

This reminded me of a Harry Potter scene with the flying books (not sure if a scene like this existed but it still seems like a Harry Potter themed work). The famous part of the bookstore many people take pictures of with their loved ones. I took a picture of my current relationship status.  Fascinating... Continue Reading →

San Diego 4/10/2017

A couple months ago I visited San Diego with my friends. It was a three hour drive but it was worth it. Unfortunately, we had to leave after 4 hours because a friend wasn't feeling well. Other than that this trip was pretty awesome! I didn't get to take pictures of all the places I... Continue Reading →

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