Clubespresso ☕

A quaint little cafe that has coffee from different places around the world. There was quite a bit of people when we went. The first floor has a display of their coffee and the second floor has seating. The best part is that you can taste the coffee of the day before ordering! The coffee was okay, nothing too special but it was interesting to see the different types of beans.


Single Origin Hot (3,000won)


The entrance with display of coffee beans. You can see the roasting machine and such behind it.


You can taste the coffee of the day prior to ordering! Many people didn’t realize this before ordering.


More display of coffee. The prices of the beans here weren’t cheap, probably because of the import costs.


Translation: The joy of coffee and the new experience. We introduce the original coffee from each nation and region. We hope you can newly experience the difference in taste of coffee from each nation, town, and culture. Single origin coffee, the pride of Club Espresso


Reminder that Korea has a recycling system where you dump liquids in a different place before separating the trash into plastic, paper, and general waste.

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