Agra in COEX


이번에는 인도식!
Indian Food in Korea!

커플 세트로 주문했어요
We ordered the couple set
( ´∀`)

라씨가 요거트랑 물 섞은거에요~
여기는 과일 넣어서 달콤했어요
후식으로 딱인거 같아요
Lassi is yogurt that is mixed with water
Here they use fruits so it was sweet
Perfect as dessert


베리베리베리 라씨
Berry Berry Berry Lassi


망고 라씨
Mango Lassi

전 망고 라씨가 더 맛있었던거 같아요
I thought that the mango lassi tasted better than the berry


Honey Mango Bread

이게 제일 맛있었던거 같아요
빵이라고 했을 때 그냥 빵인줄 알았는데
알고보니 셀러드랑 빵이였어요
탄두리에서 구워낸 난 브레드에 시금치와 망고, 파마산 치즈가 올라가 있어요
I thought that this was the best dish.
When they said you get bread, I thought it would be literally bread so I was surprised to see salad. This is basically mango, spinach, and parmesan cheese on top of naan.


Tandoori Chicken

아쉽게도 너무 퍽퍽했어요
결국에는 치킨은 못 먹었어요
Unfortunately, the chicken was too dry for us to eat.
So we skipped it


Classic Naan

전 원래 인디언 음식 먹을 때 갈릭난을 좋아하는데 한번 클래식으로 먹어 봤어요~
I usually get the garlic naan when I get Indian food but I went for the classic this time


Chicken Tikka Masala
치킨 띠까 마살라

미국에서 인디언 음식 먹을 때 띠까 마살라를 많이 먹었어요
비교를 했을 때 여기 띠까 마살라는 향이 강하지 않았어요
아마 한국인 입맛으로 만든거 같아요
My go to curry. I love tikka masala. The one here was okay but the spices weren’t as strong as I am used to. They made it to suit the Korean taste buds.

노란색 밥도 원래 나오는데 우리는 까먹고 안 줬어요
The set comes with yellow rice but they forgot about us.


전체적으로 괜찮았던거 같아요!
많이 배부르다라는 느낌은 없었어요
아마 치킨이랑 밥을 못 먹어서 그런거 같아요
여기 메니져분이 되게 친절 했어요
India?쪽에서 오신거 같은데 한국말도 짱 잘 했어요!
I thought it was good overall
I didn’t feel too full afterwards, which could be because we missed out on the chicken and rice…
The manager was very friendly. He seemed to be from India or maybe Bangladesh? But he was fluent in Korean, which was interesting.

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