✈︎South Korea: Coex Aquarium✈︎

같은 아쿠아리움 방문 하는걸 좋아해요! 다시 그 아쿠아리움 가면 달라진게 있어서 항상 새롭네요 ㅎㅎ 코엑스 아쿠아리움 마지막으로 방문한게 벌써 4년이 됬네요…

I love to visit the same aquarium multiple times because each time you go, its a little bit different. I went to the Coex Aquarium 2014 Summer.

There are 16 different sections: Rainbow Lounge, Story of Korean Fish, Garden of Korea, Fish in Wonderland, Amazonia World, Marine Touch Lab, Mangrove and Beach, Living Reef Gallery, Ocean Kingdom, Marine Mammal Village, Deep Blue Square, Deep Blue Sea Tunnel, Garden of Jelly Fish, Penguin’s Playground, and the Gift Shop.

매표소 Ticket Booth ☞ 에스컬레이터 타고 올라가서 좌측Take Escalators on Left ☞ 요게 있어요!You see this ☟

뒤 돌아보면 물고기가 있어요! If you turn around, you see fish! This location is the RainboLounge according to ☟ this map.

inboLounge (무지개 라운지)

포토존 There is a photo zone in this location

You see Dory (Blue Tang) and Nemo/Marlin (Clownfish) chillin together

Long-horned Cowfish




Story of Korean Fish (우리터 우리 물고기)


Eight Berbel Loach

Grass Carp


Squirrel (yes, a squirrel in an aquarium)


Amur Catfish

Mink Frog (not sure)


Freshwater Mandarin Fish (쏘가리)


Garden of Korea
 (한국의 정원)


Fish In Wonderland (상상 물고기 나라)
Celestial Eye Goldfish
Snowflake Moray
Dr. Fish
These fish are called Dr. Fish because they supposedly eat the dead skin from your hand.
 Prairie Dogs

Amazonia World (아마조니아 월드)
Egyptian Fruit Bats 
Crossback Golden Arowana
Giant Gourami and Albino Oscar
Electric Eel
Short-Clawed Otter
Eurasian Beaver 
Saltwater Crocodile

Marine Touch Lab (마린터치 연구소)

Sea Squirt
Banded Bamboo Shark Egg
Decorator Crab
African Spurred Tortoise

Mangrove and Beach (맹크로브와 해변)
Blacktip Reef Shark

Living Reef Gallery (산호미술관)

Garden Eels
Longfin Bannerfish, Blue Tang, Spotted Unicornfish, Striped Butterflyfish, Long-nose Butterflyfish, Raccoon Butterflyfish
Leopard Moray

Ocean Kindgom (바다 왕국)
Sandbar Shark
Bamboo Shark, Green Sea Turtle
Sand Tiger Shark, Cownose Ray

Marine Mammal Village
 (아름다운 해양마을)

West African Manatee
Harbour Seal

 Deep Blue Square (딥블루 광장)

Spotted Sardine

Deep Blue Sea Tunnel (해저터널)


Garden of Jellyfish

Giant Spider Crab

Pacific Giant Octopus

Penguin’s Playground
 (펭귄들의 꿈동산)

Gift Shop (선물상점)


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