Willium Cafe ☕

윌리엄카페 ☕
자주 지나가는 곳이지만 한번도 안 가봤어요
Willium Cafe
I’ve passed by it plenty of times but have never been inside.

삼다가라는 돼지 고기 전문 식당 지하에 있는 카페이에요
음식점 영수증 가지고 가면 DC있어요!
The cafe is located in the basement of a restaurant called SamDaGa, which specializes in pork. If you take the receipt downstairs, you can get a discount 🙂

보이시는거와 같이 계단으로 내려오먄 카페이에요!
되게 잘 되어있어요
이 곳에 이런 카페가 있구나 싶었어요

You come down the stairs and it’s the cafe.
At first glance, we were surprised that there was such a cafe in that area.

들오면 보이는 싸인이에요
This is the sign you see as you come into the cafe
(Translation: You like coffee and I like you)

점심시간이였는데 사람이 많이 없었어요
근데 소리가 울려서 크게 들렸어요
조금 시끄러웠어요
We went during lunch time but there wasn’t a lot of people.
But the voices seem to echo, which made the cafe seem louder that it was.

여기는 오는 사람마다 음료를 주문해야되요
Everyone who enters must order a drink to use the seats.
I guess they had a problem with this in the past

계단 옆이 화장실이에요
The bathroom is located inside the cafe, next to the stairs

앉을 수 있는 시간이 없어서 사진만 빨리 찍고 나왔어요
다음에 가면 더 많은 사진 올릴께요~
I didn’t have time to sit so I just quickly took a few pictures before leaving.
I’ll make sure to upload more about it the next time I visit!

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