Nissin Japanese Mug Noodle

어렸을 때 많이 먹었던 라면이에요
맛은 미국에 있는 일본 컵라면이랑 같아요! (아래 사진)
This is something I enjoyed eating when I was in Korea
It tastes like the cup noodles you find in the States (see pic below)
Image result for cup noodles

2가지 스프랑 면 4개
간장: 강아지 🐶
해산물: 판다 🐼
4 noodle packs and 2 different soup types
Soy Sauce: Puppy 🐶
Seafood:  Panda 🐼

일어는 못 읽어요;;
I don’t know Japanese;;

수프 그릇에 담아 봤어요
딱 한 컵에서 해 벅을 수 있는 양이에요
I put everything in a soup bowl as reference
You get enough noodles for a small mug

뜨거운 물 150mL
2분 기다리면 끝!
Add 150mL of hot water and wait 2 minutes

You can also purchase this off of Amazon

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