Saigon Noodle House

IMG_3716어렸을 때 가던 곳이에요
I call this place

IMG_3717제 베트남 친구들이 자주 가는 곳이에요
음식 맛있어요!
한국 쌀국수와 달라요
육수도 깔끔하고 깊은 맛이에요 ❤。◕‿ ◕。
This is a place where my Vietnamese friends go to
The food is really good
It is unlike Korean pho

IMG_3722쌈은 처음 먹어 봐요!
새우 스프링 롤
Even after visiting so many times, this was the first time we tried their spring rolls
This is shrimp spring rolls

고수는 필수이죠! ☘️
You have to add cilantro

IMG_3725스테이크 볶음밥
Diced Beef Steak Friend Rice!

세명이 먹었는데 충분했어요!
This was enough for three people
$15.70 + Tip

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