Korean Air (GMP✈RSU)

IMG_0717구름이 너무 아름다웠어요
The clouds were so beautiful this day

김포공항에서 여수까지 비행기로 55분이면가요~
The flight is roughly 55 minutes.

IMG_0685비지니스으로 가실 때에는 KAL 라운지 이용하실 수 있어요~
커피, 차, 오랜지주스, 토마토주스, 머핀, 각종 과자가 준비 되어있어요
그 중에서 버터와플이 제일 맛있어요!
Image result for 와플 과자
When you ride business class, you get access to the KAL Lounge
They have coffee, tea, orange juice, tomato juice, muffin, and assortment of snacks
From which the Butter Waffle is the best!

img_0713.jpg자리는 넓어요~
Spacey room (of course)

출발 ✈
And we’re off!

IMG_0721Majestic clouds

IMG_0762This is what it looks like outside of Seoul~

IMG_0742음료수 서비스~
Beverage service

너무 짧았어요~
It was so short

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