SRT Experience

IMG_6015대구로 가는 SRT를 타봤습니다
수서역에서 동대구역까지 1시간35분 걸렸어요!
엄청 빠르죠 ✌
I took the SRT from Suseo to Daegu
It only took 1hr 35min!

IMG_5961수서역에서 SRT표시를 따라가면 되요~
Just follow the signs for SRT from the Suseo subway station

전 기다리기 싫어서 출발 10분전에 도착했어요
수서가 첫 정거장이라 일찍 탑승하여 기다려도 되요~
Waiting room
I didn’t want to wait so I arrive 10 min before departure
Suseo is the first stop so you can board the SRT and wait (which is what I did)


IMG_6017전 SRT가 새로된 기차라고 들어서 안에 뭐가 많을 줄 알았어요
하지만. 다른 기차와 다름 없어 보였어요
I thought that since the SRT is new that it would be decked in technology and such
However, to my dismay, the interior looked like any other train

IMG_6016수서역에서 출발하는 SRT는 일반실은 자리가 많지만 특실은 만석일 경우가 많다고 들었어요
특실은 일반실보다 20,000원 더 비싸요
전 20,000원 내고 편하게 가는게 더 좋은거 같아요~
The SRT that departs from Suseo always has regular seating but the special seating is almost always full.
The special seating is just 20,000won more (~$18.80)
I think it’s worth it to pay just a little more and travel in comfort

IMG_5991짐 올릴수 있는 공간도 있어요
There’s a place above your seat for you to put your luggage

IMG_6013출발 하고 몇분 뒤에 이 파우치랑 물 받았어요
파우치 안에는 쿠키, 넛, 물티슈!
After departing, a staff came around and handed this tiny pouch along with a bottle of water. The pouch contained some nuts, a cookie, and a wet tissue!



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