Creperie Le Terrace


IMG_3579카페! ☕
밖은 그렇게 보여도 안에는 이뻐요~
사진은 들어가면서 보이는 것들! 나오면서 보이는 것들!로 정리했어요
Don’t mind the outside. The inside is so pretty
The pictures are ordered so you can see what the cafe looks like walking in and out

IMG_3553입구에서 찍은 사진이에요!
처음 카페를 들어간 순간 뭔가 많이 복잡하고 정신 없어 보였어요
This is the view coming in from the front door.
Initially, I was overwhelmed by the different styles.
It almost looked stuffy and chaotic at first glance.

IMG_3554하지만 들어 갈 수록 테마가 있는게 보였어요~
I was able to see that the cafe had different sections for different preferences

IMG_3568카페 가운데 큰 테이블이 있어요
그룹으로 오시는 분들 한테 딱!
There is a huge table in the middle of the cafe.
It’s perfect for those who come in groups and want to sit together

IMG_3569좀 조용한 곳을 선호 하시면 문이 있는 섹션도 있어요
For those who want a bit of privacy, there are sections with doors

카페가 아닌 방에 앉아 있는 기분이였어요
It was very cozy.
It felt like it was someone’s room rather than a cafe


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메뉴도 다양했어요~
음식도 있었어요
주문은 뒤 쪽으로 가셔서 하셔야되요 (계산은 선불)
They had so many items on the menu
You have to go to the back to order (pay upfront)

IMG_3573전 밀크 티 주무했어요
하지만 맛은…
I ordered a simple milk tea
But the taste…

좀 넓은 케이블로 갔어요
여기도 문이 있었어요
We moved to a bigger table
This section also had a door

여기에서 잠깐!

일을 잠깐 할까 해서 컴퓨터를 들고 왔었어요
한 30분이 지났는데

주인 아주머니께서  알바생을 시켜서 여기는 공부 할 수 있는 카페가 아니라고… 일 하면 안 된다고…일을 하면 다른 손님들도 그럴까봐 그냥 음료수만 마시고 가셔야된다는 말을 들었어요…
하지만 알바생 너무 불쌍했어요 ㅠ 우리 한테 얘기하면서 너무 미안해하는게 보였어요
우리는 그냥 “네 알겠습니다”하고 나왔어요


이 날 이 큰 카페 안에 저랑 동생만 있었어요
가게가 비어있었는데 나가야된다고 해서 기분이 좀 그랬어요 ☹
여기는 그냥 와서 잠깐 뭐 먹고 커피 마시고 가시는 분에게 추춘해요

아무튼 투어는 계속 해드릴께요

I brought my computer here in hopes of getting a few things done.
It was around 30 minutes later

The owner sent a part-timer to tell us that this is not a cafe where we can sit and work
They didn’t want the other guests to come and view the cafe as a place to site for long periods of time… and that we have to leave if we finished our drink
I felt so bad for the part-timer. She was really sweet and I can see it was hard for her to tell us this.
I understand her
We just said thanks and left


It was only me and my sister is this big cafe.
We were a bit upset to here that we had to leave when the cafe was empty
I recommend this place to people who just wants to grab a quick bite and leave

Anyways, I’ll continue on with the tour.

IMG_3556주문하는 곳
Where you can order

Towards the back of the cafe


뒷쪽 화장실 가는 길
The way to the bathroom that is located towards the back


화장실도 찍었어요!
화장실 중요해요! 😅
Yes. I took pictures of the bathroom
It’s important!



다시 카페 앞 쪽으로
Back to towards the front of the cafe

아까 문!
The front door from before!

IMG_3564뒤에서 앞을 보면
Looking towards the front of the cafe

안녕 👋
기분이 안 좋아서 아쉽네요
다음에는 좋은 기억 남길 수 있기를!
It’s unfortunate that we had to leave unhappy
But maybe we can make better memories here next time?


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