MoMo Cafe (모모카페)



오늘은 판교에 있는 모모카페!
판교 코트야드 메리어트에 있는 뷔페입니다~
자주 가는 곳이에요~
크리스마스는 너무 바쁠거 같아서 그 다음 날에 갔어요!
6시 예약이어서 시간 마춰 가니까 사람이 없었어요.
음식도 금방 나와서 보기도 좋고 맛도 좋았어요!

Today is MoMo Cafe in Marriott! Got to love buffets.
This is a place that we visit often for breakfast and occasionally for dinner.
Since it would be packed on Christmas, we decided to go the day after!
The reservation was for 6PM, which is the time that I recommend!
They just opened so there were no guests and the food was fresh and untouched!

IMG_1624뷔페는 작지도 않고 너무 크지도 않아요! 딱 적당한거 같아요.
저녁으로 시푸드과 고기가 나와요!
크리스마스 행사로 와인 한병이랑 스파크링 뭐터 하나 받았어요~
(대신 가격도 조금 올렸어요)

<평소 가격>
조식: 31,000원
시푸드 저녁: 75,000원

It’s a decent size buffet, not too small nor big.
The menu at night is seafood and meat.
I guess it can be considered as “surf and turf” night.
As a Christmas event, they were giving out a bottle of wine and sparkling water.
(Of course the price was that much higher as well)

<Typical Prices>
Breakfast: 31,000 Won (~$29.14)
Seafood Dinner: 75,000 Won (~$70.50)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

여기 사진으로 없지만 국수, 샐러드, 커피, 밥/반찬, 수프, 스테이션도 있어요~
Though you can’t tell from these pictures, they also have a station for noodles (make your own pho or Japanese ramen), salad, coffee, rice/side dishes, and soup.

The setting!

IMG_0571전복을 버터 요리로 해달라고 부탁하니까 이렇게 줬어요~~
서비스도 좋고 모두 친철해요! ღ
I asked for the abalone to be cooked in butter and they did!
They have good service here and everyone is so nice! ღ

후식은 slideshow가 아닌 사진 하나 하나를 감상 할 수 있게~
Dessert deserves individual pictures to be shown! 。◕‿ ◕。



IMG_1642원래 밀크 초코렛 분수인데 오늘은 딸기 초토렛이였어요~
Usually they have a milk chocolate fountain but they had strawberry colored chocolate!


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