UrbanSpace Vanderbilt


IMG_8038Jessica has been talking about this place for months. She said the chicken sandwich was the best she ever had. So of course I had to go and try it out.

This is the original chicken sandwich ($8). It doesn’t look like much but it was so, so good! The chicken was so soft and perfectly fried with pickles and mayo. Ours was fresh so it was hot. I wished the bun was a bit toasted but, nevertheless, delicious. (You can also see Jessica taking pictures in the background)

Right next to Delaney there’s La Palapa. They mainly sell tacos and quesadillas. But! We wanted to get the horchata.

The horchata ($4) was really good and refreshing. We’ve tried a lot of horchatas and this one was pretty good.

Across Delaney, theres the Red Hook Lobster Pound. They sell lobster rolls! Unfortunately, we wanted the Connecticut Lobster Roll but we had to wait 10 minutes for the butter to melt.

This is the Maine Lobster Roll ($25). I was surprised with the quality. I’m pretty sensitive to seafood but this lobster was pretty fresh and cooked well. As we were eating it, it was hard to keep the lobster pieces in the bun. It was a bit of a mess. I felt like that bun was a bit dry and boring.

Delaney Chicken
Ordered: Original Chicken Sandwich
Price: $8
Overall Rating: 5/5

La Palapa
Ordered: Horchata
Price: $4
Overall Rating: 5/5

Red Hook Lobster Pound
Ordered: Maine Lobster Roll 
Price: $25
Overall Rating: 4/5


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