Pollos a la Brasa Mario

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. 📍 Pollos a la Brasa Mario 8101 Roosevelt Ave., Jackson Heights, NY 11372 . 1️⃣ Bandeja con Pollo al Carbon ($10.95): 1/4 de pollo consome, arroz, papa frida, ensalada / Rotisserie Chicken Platter: 1/4 chicken, consome, rice, french fries, salad 2️⃣ Bandeja Tipica ($14.75): Carne asada, chicharron, huevo, arepa, maduro, arroz, frijoles, aguacate / Country platter: grilled top round, crackling, egg, corn cake, sweet plantain, rice, beans and avocado . The staff were friendly and the food was great. It was more than enough for two people! . 📸 @kimlydia12 . #instadaily #nyc #🇺🇸 #🗽 #life #daily #blog #daily #일상 #데일리 #instamood #instagood #뉴욕 #먹스타그램 #foodporn #foodie #야식 #먹자 #오늘뭐먹지 #맛있다 #맛있다그램 #you lfl #ilovefood #맛스타그램 #푸드스타그램 #foodsofinstagram #colombianfood #chicharron #jacksonheights #foody #foodlover

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Padlock Gucci Signature Medium Shoulder Bag

Gucci Website

The bag is small yet big enough to fit all the necessities

The straps easily fall off shoulders

It looks formal yet informal at the same time depending on how you style it. 

Rosehill 로즈힐


현대백화점 무역센터점 10층 식당가에 있어요.
우리는 한우 샤브샤브 (1인분 ₩34,000) 먹었어요.
2시즘에 갔는데 이미 점심 먹으러 온 사람들은 다 빠져나가서 조용했어요.

Rosehill is located on the 10th floor of Hyundai Department Store (COEX)
We had the Korean Beef Shabu, which runs around $34 per person.
We went around 2PM, which was great because everyone who came for lunch already left. The restaurant was pretty quiet.

영업 : 매일 10:00 ~ 20:00
Hours: Everyday 10:00~20:00

Siksinhot Review


 싱싱한 채소!
Fresh veggies


색갈 너무….
The color of the beef is so…my mouth is watering


고기 다 먹은 후 칼국수로 주문했어요~
After finishing the beef, we got the noodles.


각각 원하는 만큼
You can put how much seasoning you want

전에 몇번 와 봤던 곳이에요. 심플해서 좋은거 같아요~
Overall, it’s a nice place with quality ingredients. We came many times before and the taste is always the same. It’s light for a satisfying lunch.

Dashing Diva 데싱디바


한국은 역시 홈쇼핑이죠! 홈쇼핑에서 하길래 한번 사봤어요. 너무 간단하고 쉬웠어요. 미국에서 파는 재품이라고 들었는데 전 한번도 본 적이 없어요 ㅎㅎ 그리고 오히려 한국 디자인이 더 예쁜거 같아요.  편하고 쉽게 붙일 수 있어서 좋은데 머리카락이 끼어서 아파요 (ㄒoㄒ)

USA 미국 왭사이트 : https://dashingdiva.com/
Korea 한국 왭사이트 : http://dashingdiva.co.kr/m/

Korea is well-known for their home shopping channels. Buy loads of things in the comfort of your home. I saw this product being advertised and I had to purchase it! I was so easy to use. I heard this is sold in the States but I’ve never seen it. Even so, I think that the Korean version has a lot more designs.

Pro: Easy to use and lasts a bit
Con: Hair gets caught in between and it hurts (ㄒoㄒ)


🎄 크리스마스 Christmas 🎄


🎁 선물 Present 🎁


🐾 고양이 Kitty 🐾






홈쇼핑으로 주문하니까 Caudalie도 보내줬어요 ♡^▽^♡
They also sent loads of samples from Caudalie. Gotta love home-shopping


Magnolia Bakery (Coex)


뉴욕에서 인가 많는 Magnolia Bakery!
코엑스 밖에 있어서 한번 들렸어요

The famous Magnolia Bakery~
We saw it outside of Coex so we stopped by


Hyundai Dept Store, B1F & 1F, 517,
Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul,
Korea 06164
Store Hours:
Mon-Fri 10:30 – 20:00 (Kiosk ~8:30)
Sat-Sun: 10:30 – 20:30 (Kiosk 21:00)


우리가 좀 늦게 가서 컵케이크가 많이 없었어요
We went near closing time so they didn’t have a lot of cupcakes





바나나 푸딩 가지고 갔었어요
생각보다 맛은 그냥 그랬어요
뉴욕에 있는 Magnolia는 안 가봐서 비교는 못했어요~

We took the banana pudding
It was just okay. Not as great as we though it would be
We haven’t been the the Magnolia in New York so cannot compare 🙂



평양! 북한식 냉면 먹었어요!
We got North Korean style Cold Noodles



갈끔하고 조용했어요
It’s very clean inside. When we went, the restaurant was empty.


음식점 곳곳에 메밀의 효과와 음식점의 역사를 볼 수 있어요

There were signs all around the store describing the benefits of buckwheat (which is what the noodles are made of), as well as, the history of the restaurant.



음식점의 역사!
The history of the store




드디어! 냉면이 나왔습니다
This is the cold noodles!


맛은 우리가 흔히 먹는 냉면 보다 좀 싱겁다??라고 느꼈어요
근데 중독성있어요! 생각나는 그 맛!
It felt a bit plain compared to the cold noodles we were used to.
But it’s so addictive! You will definitely think about it after leaving


반찬은 김치랑 무!
The only side dishes are kimchi and pickled radish


대리주차있어요~ 천원 내면되요
They have valet parking. Just make sure to have 1,000won

🍗 Korean KFC 🍗

한국에도 서양 음식점이 많이 생겼어요.
오늘은 한국 KFC를 보여주고 싶었어요

Korea has seen a boom in Western fast food restaurants. I think you can see McDonalds almost everywhere. Today, I wanted to show you how KFC looks like in Korea.



First, the menu. KFC is a lot pricier than the other chicken places in Korea. There are huge differences compared to the States. For starters, they don’t have mashed potatoes or mac and cheese. They have sides like coleslaw, corn salad, nuggets and fries(and cheese fries). Mind you, the coleslaw and corn salad is nothing like the States. It’s very sweet. For dessert, they have egg tarts and  maple pecan pies.


This is what the front looks like. The menu is difficult to see because they constantly flip to the next screen. Places like McDonalds have machines where you place your order. IMG_3837

It’s really clean. But then again, majority of fast food chains in Korea are kept in pristine conditions.

The best part?

They deliver.
Yup. Most fast food restaurants in Korea deliver. IMG_3849

They developed an app so you can place your order, pick up, and leave. It’s like Starbucks and how they have the pickup option.img_3847.jpg

Refillable fountain drinks. There were many places where this wasn’t so. You had to pay 500won or so for a refill. IMG_3845

This is right next to the fountain drinks. The machine in the middle is a wet tissue dispenser. It’s so convenient especially since chicken is finger food. The drawers on the right contain: plastic bag to carry one drink, plastic bag to carry two drinks, and drink lids.IMG_3843

Instead of plastic spoons, they give you paper spoons that you fold and use.IMG_3864

Like so!

This is coleslaw

We got a mix of spicy and regular chicken.IMG_3859

I  usually love the biscuits at KFC in the States. But the biscuits here tasted a bit different. I usually love mixing butter and honey together. But KFC here only have these strawberry jam packets. They’re so convenient to use.IMG_3863


Korea is big on recycling so you can see that there are different compartments for different things. They usually have a compartment for leftover drinks, cups, lids, and so on.

Kacie from Star Super

도곡동에 있는 스타슈퍼에 import 과자랑 많이 팔아요!
이 날 전 일본 캔디를 샀어요!
하나당 3,500 – 6,000원!
만드는 재미가 있어서 유투브에서도 많이 하는거 봤어요~

The Star Super in Dogok has a lot of import goods
I bought these Japanese candy
Each is from 3,500-6,000 or around $3.50-6









만드는 과정 곧 올릴게요~
Stay tuned for pictures of us making it!



🥢 짜장면 짬뽕 집! 🥢
Black Bean Noodles and Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup

주변에 맛있다고 하셔서 한번 가봤어요
We visited this place because someone recommended it to us.


탕수육이나 군만두 먹을 때 항상 기름 때문에 좀 그랬어요
하지만 여기는 재활용 하지 않고 깨끗한 기름 사용한다고 해서 좋았어요~
I’m always iffy about places that serve fried food because I don’t know how old their oil is. But luckily, this restaurant doesn’t reuse their oil. I hate when restaurants reuse their oil and there’s this icky oil smell.

🥃 Chinese Alcohol 🥃

해물 짬뽕! 되게 매웠어요
Seafood Jjamppong. It was pretty spicy



Old Fashioned Jjajang

탕수육 Tangsooyuk (소/Small)
이게 제일 맛있었어요! 강추!
This was the best out of everything!

Fried Dumplings

Starbucks in Korea

한국 스벅에 이쁜게 있어서 한번 찍어 봤어요~
Starbucks has a these cute mugs and tumblers that I had to share~



크리스마스 컵! 자세히 보면 하나는 남자 손이고 다른 손은 여자 손이에요!
Starbucks cup for the holidays. If you look closely, you can see that one hand is male and the other is female.






Which one is your favorite? 어떤게 마음에 들어요?

Agra in COEX


이번에는 인도식!
Indian Food in Korea!

커플 세트로 주문했어요
We ordered the couple set
( ´∀`)

라씨가 요거트랑 물 섞은거에요~
여기는 과일 넣어서 달콤했어요
후식으로 딱인거 같아요
Lassi is yogurt that is mixed with water
Here they use fruits so it was sweet
Perfect as dessert


베리베리베리 라씨
Berry Berry Berry Lassi


망고 라씨
Mango Lassi

전 망고 라씨가 더 맛있었던거 같아요
I thought that the mango lassi tasted better than the berry


Honey Mango Bread

이게 제일 맛있었던거 같아요
빵이라고 했을 때 그냥 빵인줄 알았는데
알고보니 셀러드랑 빵이였어요
탄두리에서 구워낸 난 브레드에 시금치와 망고, 파마산 치즈가 올라가 있어요
I thought that this was the best dish.
When they said you get bread, I thought it would be literally bread so I was surprised to see salad. This is basically mango, spinach, and parmesan cheese on top of naan.


Tandoori Chicken

아쉽게도 너무 퍽퍽했어요
결국에는 치킨은 못 먹었어요
Unfortunately, the chicken was too dry for us to eat.
So we skipped it


Classic Naan

전 원래 인디언 음식 먹을 때 갈릭난을 좋아하는데 한번 클래식으로 먹어 봤어요~
I usually get the garlic naan when I get Indian food but I went for the classic this time


Chicken Tikka Masala
치킨 띠까 마살라

미국에서 인디언 음식 먹을 때 띠까 마살라를 많이 먹었어요
비교를 했을 때 여기 띠까 마살라는 향이 강하지 않았어요
아마 한국인 입맛으로 만든거 같아요
My go to curry. I love tikka masala. The one here was okay but the spices weren’t as strong as I am used to. They made it to suit the Korean taste buds.

노란색 밥도 원래 나오는데 우리는 까먹고 안 줬어요
The set comes with yellow rice but they forgot about us.


전체적으로 괜찮았던거 같아요!
많이 배부르다라는 느낌은 없었어요
아마 치킨이랑 밥을 못 먹어서 그런거 같아요
여기 메니져분이 되게 친절 했어요
India?쪽에서 오신거 같은데 한국말도 짱 잘 했어요!
I thought it was good overall
I didn’t feel too full afterwards, which could be because we missed out on the chicken and rice…
The manager was very friendly. He seemed to be from India or maybe Bangladesh? But he was fluent in Korean, which was interesting.





Soul Brew ☕


스토니부룩 근처에 스타벅스 말고 다른 커피숍이 있을까 고민하던 중
제시카 친구가 이 카페를 추천해줬어요.
우리가 갔을 때 조용하고 아늑한 분위기였어요

We were looking for a coffee shop in Stony Brook that was not Starbucks.
While looking, Jessica’s friend recommended this cafe.
It was quiet and cozy.

10 잔 마시면 공짜!
우리는 이런거 너무 좋아해요
I love when cafes have these stamp cards.
Free drink after 10 drinks!
It makes us want to come again and again just to watch it fill up!






음식도 있어요
They even have FOOD



두번 왔었어요!
We came here twice so far


Macha Green Tea Latte: $4.55
Chai Latte: $4.55


Caramel Latte: $4.55
Sugar Free Caramel Latte: $4.55
머그에 달라고했어요
We asked for our drinks in mugs so we can


휘핑크림을 너무 많아서 미시기엔 조금 불편했어요

There was so much whipped cream that we didn’t know how to drink it at first

Cafe View 카페 뷰





I like how there’s diverse paintings on the walla


음료는 조금 달아요
직원들이 너무 친절해서 좋았어요
두번 왔는데 바로 알아보고 이름까지 기억해주는 곳이 많지 않은거 같아요

The drinks are a bit on the sweet side.
The staff is very nice! We felt welcomed and relaxed.
When we came the second time, they remembered our names!


✈︎South Korea: Coex Aquarium✈︎

같은 아쿠아리움 방문 하는걸 좋아해요! 다시 그 아쿠아리움 가면 달라진게 있어서 항상 새롭네요 ㅎㅎ 코엑스 아쿠아리움 마지막으로 방문한게 벌써 4년이 됬네요…

I love to visit the same aquarium multiple times because each time you go, its a little bit different. I went to the Coex Aquarium 2014 Summer.

There are 16 different sections: Rainbow Lounge, Story of Korean Fish, Garden of Korea, Fish in Wonderland, Amazonia World, Marine Touch Lab, Mangrove and Beach, Living Reef Gallery, Ocean Kingdom, Marine Mammal Village, Deep Blue Square, Deep Blue Sea Tunnel, Garden of Jelly Fish, Penguin’s Playground, and the Gift Shop.

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Pie Hole 🍰


파이를 너무 좋아하는데 마침 아메리카나에서 파이 파는 곳이 있었어요!
I love PIE! So imagine my excitement when I saw this in Americana Way



According to their website, they have locations in Arts District, Hollywood, Pasadena, Glendale, Long Beach, Orange County, Venice, Rancho Cucamonga, and Durham. So basically most of the big cities around here.

They even opened in Tokyo!, Ginza, and Harajuku!

엘에이 근체에 많이 있어요~
일본 도쿄에도 열었더고 하네요!





Mom’s Apple Crumble(애플 파이): $6.75
Earl Grey Tea(얼 그레이): $7
Total: $13.75

Not Pictured
Hot Chocolate (L): $4.75


🍰 The Lovelies 🍰


Earl Grey Tea(얼 그레이): $7




Mom’s Apple Crumble(애플 파이): $6.75



생긴지 얼마 안 되서 아직 지도에 안나오네요!
백현동있는 쪽이에요

This place doesn’t appear on Google Maps because it’s relatively new.


깨긋하고 밝았어요~
It’s clean and bright!

추운 날씨에 냉면이 땡겨서 들렸는데 맛있었어요!
It was cold but we were all in the mood for cold noodles



다음에는 육개장을 먹어봐야겠어요
I want to try their YukGaeJang soup next time.


반찬은 김치랑 무무침만 나와요
You get kimchi and radish as your side dishes.


전 물냉면 보다 비빔냉면을 주문했어요
맛있어요! 면도 쫀득쫀득해요
양념은 조금 매웠어요

I ordered the cold noodles without the cold broth.
It was so good but a bit spicy.